These video samples represent a small portion of what Focused Video Productions has done over the years. Often the videos are company propritary, so I cannot post them. Check back often to see if the samples have been updated.


Green Video
This video was shot in a 5 hour period around the state of Connecticut.The customer wanted to showcase the Greenness of their product with images of nature in its natural state.

1 Man Band
This project required me to fly to lansing, michigan by myself, with my camera and FCP laptop to meet with the customer, shoot the project that day, go back to the hotel and edit that night and deliver a final DVD the next morning. Fun!

Product Launch
This was for a new product that was going to debut at a trade show.

The Whole Bag
This project was a joint effort with Frontline Productions. We shot everything and collaborated on the edit.

Lets Go Racing
Focused Video Productions was approached to produce a maketing piece for a local drag racer who was in desperate need of sponsers.

Mel's Drive-in
This is a tribute video that I put together for my father when he passed away. It has some nice Aftereffects and Photoshop work in it.