Focused Video Productions currently owns:

Cannon XH-A1 HDV Camera with Wide Angle Adaptor
Marshall HD 8" Monitor
Glidecam 4000 Pro Steadycam
2 Small Video Pro Plus 1K Tota Chimeras
Full Ari lighting kit, with 2 - 150w, 1 - 300w and 2 - 600w lights
2 full 1k Lowel DP lighting kits
9' X 17' Green Screen and light metor
Four 8' x 12' Grey Studio Curtains
Senhausier K6 shotgun mic and boom pole
Sony ECM-77B wired lapel mic
Numerous tripods and monopods
Flags, Screens, C-Stands and tons of miscelenoius Grip equipment

If you need something specific, we rent it and we don't mark it up.
You pay what we pay.

We have expeience with tons of gear (Audio, Dollies, Jibs, HMI's, ETC.)
so you know that your production will be more than you expect!