Focused Video Productions was founded in 1998 by Greg Leibowitz as a way to take control of the quality and pride in his own work. He started off with an Adobe Premier editing system and a Sony CCD-VX3 Hi-8 camera, doing small corporate jobs and event documentation out of a spare bedroom in his apartment. At the same time, he was developing his skills as a camera operator and editor on large corporate and commercial jobs full time.

Today, Focused Video Productions is a full service, professional video production company based in Connecticut. We can help a client with anything from concept and scriptwriting to shooting, editing and duplication with our team of experts. Whether you are looking for a location shoot, a full production, or just the creation of a DVD menu, we have the experience to work within your parameters.

We pride ourselves on the high standards we put in all our work. The videos we produce will be ones you will be proud to have represent your company and your clients.

We have provided professional on-location production services in numerous states across the country and have traveled around the world for various companies and can do the same for you.

Our goal is to be focused on you, our customer, and your project.